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+ You must have 1Byte account and login into 1Byte site
+ A brandname is required. If you don’t have one, please check out this link
+ Before diving deeper in to our step-by-step using guide, consider reading our manual on how to integrate 1Byte SMS service in your app.
Click on username (1) then click Dashboard (2)


Step 1: Login 1Byte account

+ Go to 1Byte site
+ Click on Login button
+ Insert your username and password

Step 2: Go to SMS Service Management

+ There are several ways to go to SMS Service Management
– Method 1: Click here to go directly SMS Service

– Method 2: Go to User Dashboard, and navigate to SMS Service section as follow:

Click on username (1) then click Dashboard (2)
Finally, choose SMS Service (3)

Step 3: Create and Compose SMS Content

2.1. Navigate to Create SMS tab

2.2. Roll down to Send SMS section

2.3. Compose your message by doing following

For this demo, I will use 1Byte-Demo for the Brandname

NOTE: To use SMS Service, you must have an SMS Brandname. If you have not had one, please read out guide on how to get a perfect Brandname from 1Byte SMS service.

Step 4: Provide a list of message recipients

+ In this step, you need to provide the 1Byte’ SMS service with a list of customers. 1Byte will not save any customer data that you upload during this step. For more info, please check out 1Byte Privacy Policy
There are 3 main sections
Section A: Used to upload recipient information list
Section B: After upload, the recipient information will be displayed here
Section C: Select style of sending SMS

+ Now we will go deeper each section one by one. 1Byte has also prepared a template, you can download this template for more reference

+ Before uploading recipient information list. Your list needs to satisfy these two conditions
  • Condition 1: The format file of the list must be .csv (CSV file). There are numerous websites that allow you to convert the format of an excel file to a csv file for free. Here are some websites can convert file format for you
  • Condition 2: The list file must have at least 3 columns, which are Name, Phone, and Date Of Birth
    • The Phone column must start with 0 or +855
    • The Date of Birth column must be in the format DD/MM/YYYY (date/month/year)
    • The Name column can be First Name, or Last Name or FullName
Example file for recipient information list
+ Step 1 of 2: Now what you need to do is upload your csv file (the recipient information list) by doing as follow:
The numbers 1 to 4 correspond to the steps described below
1) Click Import List from CSV
2) Browse to where the csv file is located
3) Name the Group Name
4) Click Next

+ Step 2 of 2: Indicate Name, Phone, and Date of Birth in the appropriate columns for 1Byte’ SMS service to understand

As shown above, column 9 will contain the phone number data in CSV file
1) Specify the column contains the phone number
2) Specify the column contains the name
3) Specify the column contains the DOB
4) Finally, click Next to go next step


+ After the import is done, your screen may look like the image below

To display recipient information, check on your group name (1)
If you want to remove a certain data, click on the trash can icon to delete (2)
You can completely add data manually by inserting Name, Phone, DOB and click Add button(3)

Step 5: Select the style of sending SMS


+ 1Byte’ SMS Service offers you 3 styles to send bulk messages

  • Style 1: Send immediately (default)
  • Style 2: The bulk messages will be send based on the Date of Birth data
  • Style 3: Choose a specific time (in the future) to send the bulk messages
At this demo, style 1 is selected to send

Step 6: Ensure all info is correct before sending

As you progress from step one to this step, the system will summarize and show you details like:

+ What is the content sent?

+ Which brand name is selected to be used?

+ How many SMS will be sent in total?

+ How much will the total cost be?

+ If everything is good, click on Next button (1)
+ If you want to edit something, click on Back button (2)

Final Thoughs

+ Congratulation if you’ve made it this far in this tutorial. Now you know how to use 1Byte’ SMS Service

Make an everlasting impression on your existing and future customers through our SMS Brandname with your own brand in a professional fashion.



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