Web Hosting Philippines: Top 10 Providers for 2024

Web Hosting Philippines: Top 10 Providers for 2024

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on Web Hosting Philippines: Top 10 Providers for 2024. This article from 1Byte is your go-to guide for the latest and most accurate information on the best web hosting services in the Philippines.

In this article, we will explore the details of the top 10 web hosting service providers in the Philippines for 2024 based on the reports and statistics. We will give detailed descriptions of each provider and their services, and explain why they are relevant in the present day.

This guide is aimed at helping you to make the right decision when choosing the right web hosting Philippines provider especially if you are a small business owner, a blogger or even a large corporation that requires solid web solutions.

An Overview of Web Hosting in Philippines

Welcome to our comprehensive overview of Web Hosting in the Philippines. As we delve into the digital landscape of 2024, it’s clear that the web hosting market in the Philippines is experiencing significant growth.

The importance of reliable web hosting for businesses in the Philippines

In the current world where everything is going digital, the role of good web hosting in the Philippines cannot be overemphasized. Apart from simple website presence, stable hosting is one of the key components of stable development and proper functioning. When it comes to the Internet presence and availability, as well as the speed and security of a venture’s online presence, the choice of web hosting service plays a crucial role, whether the venture is located in the crowded city of Manila or on one of the many islands of the Philippines.

An Overview of Web Hosting in Philippines

The web hosting market in the Philippines is expected to grow to US$ 191.10m in 2024. This growth is forecasted to persist at an annual rate of 21. 81% from 2024 to 2029, thus increasing the market volume to US$512. 50m by 2029. The market spend per employee in the web hosting market is expected to be around US$3. 98 in 2024.

A dependable and steady web hosting service is critical to sail through the ocean of the internet without any fear. Choosing the right web hosting can steer your business into the right direction, while keeping your website afloat the cut throat competition of the e-commerce world. In the Philippines, there are numerous web hosting companies that can provide excellent services that can enhance your online presence and at the same time, ensure that you are backed up by a reliable and dependable service provider.

A local web hosting provider or an international one?

When choosing a web host in the Philippines, one of the most important choices you will be making is whether to host with a local web host or a foreign one.

Local Web Hosting

Local web hosting can be defined as companies that offer web hosting services for a particular geographical location. For instance, if your business is in Manila, then a local web host will have its servers in the same region.

Pros of Local Web Hosting
  • Faster Load Times: Local web hosting can be advantageous in that it will take less time for the users in your geographical region to access the site. This is because when a server is nearer to your users, it is easier for it to relay your website’s content hence improving the experience of the users.
  • Localized Support: Local web hosting is advantageous in the sense that it is easier to offer support for content that is localized for a certain region since one is well aware of the needs and the difficulties that may be encountered in the region.
  • Compliance with Local Regulations: Local providers are more knowledgeable about the local laws and regulations concerning data privacy.
Cons of Local Web Hosting
  • Limited Capabilities: Local web hosting providers may not be as efficient as those that are international based. They may not have as many additional options or as many servers as some of the other VPN services.
  • Scalability Issues: The problem with local providers is that they may not be able to scale up or perform at the level that is required by multinational businesses.

International Web Hosting

There are many international web hosting companies that offer hosting services all over the world. They have many servers in different regions of the world and this makes them cover a big number of people.

Pros of International Web Hosting
  • Global Reach: International web hosting is ideal for managing global traffic as it is designed for the same. If your website targets users from different countries, then an international provider will help deliver your content to the users in different parts of the world faster and more efficiently.
  • Advanced Features: International providers are usually more versatile, offering better protection measures, higher availability rates, and a vast array of support services.
  • Scalability: These providers can provide more powerful hosting solutions and scaling opportunities, which is convenient for companies that grow.
Cons of International Web Hosting
  • Local Support: Local support may not be provided by an international provider which may hinder the provision of region-specific solutions to problems.
  • Data Privacy Concerns: The laws and regulations governing data privacy may also differ from one country to another; thus, affecting your website and the way you manage data.

The decision to go for local or international web hosting depends on the following factors. Local web hosting is suitable for firms that operate in a specific geographic area and need local assistance. On the other hand, international web hosting is more appropriate for companies that operate in different countries, for the need of sophisticated features and high levels of expansion. Comparing the advantages and disadvantages of each option will help you make the right decision for your business and users.

Top 10 Web Hosting Philippines Providers in 2024

In this section, we will delve into the Top 10 Web Hosting Philippines Providers in 2024, providing you with the latest insights and trends in the industry. We will explore each provider in detail, discussing their unique offerings, strengths, and how they can cater to different needs.


At 1Byte, we are not just a service provider, we are a friend and a partner in your journey to success. Being the leading cloud computing and web hosting company in Cambodia, we have been offering our customers the best services for years.


Our Services

We offer a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet diverse needs:We offer a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet diverse needs:


We have our modern data centers in Cambodia, which provide the fastest connection and the least delay. This ensures that your website is up and running faster than a jeepney in rush hour!

Customer Support

We are glad to have our own 24/7 support team that speaks English, Khmer, and Vietnamese. They are ever willing to help you, and they are always ready to make your business soar easily.

Commitment to Excellence

We pride ourselves as a company that delivers the best services to its customers and this has placed us among the best service providers in Cambodia with operations in many countries. We have enormous, state-of-the-art data centers in Cambodia with availability of up to 99%. 99% and a great number of services with high levels of security.

Recognitions and Awards

We have received numerous accolades for our commitment to excellence and innovation:We have received numerous accolades for our commitment to excellence and innovation:

Expansion to the Philippines

In the ever growing market of web hosting, 1Byte is a company that can be considered as one of the leaders. The cheap and easily accessible cloud computing services have made it possible for businesses in Cambodia and the southeast Asia region to consider us. When venturing into the Philippines market, our goal is to provide the same high standard of service to the Filipino customers.

Hostinger PH

In the case of web hosting in the Philippines, Hostinger PH is among the most popular options. This Lithuania based web host is quickly making its way to the global map for its all round services that it provides, which include speed, features and excellent customer support.

Hostinger PH

Hostinger PH has some of the best features and quick speed at a very low cost, which makes it the best value for money host. Their most basic plan, which is the Premium plan, costs ₱109. 00/month and comes with a free domain name and WHOIS protection, 100GB SSD storage, unlimited traffic, weekly backup, free SSL certificate, and strong security features such as DDoS protection, a firewall, and a malware scanner.

For those that need more features, there is the Business plan starting at ₱169. 00/month, offers all the features of the Premium plan and 200 GB of ultra-fast NVMe storage, and up to 5x faster performance to host up to 100 websites. It also has daily and on-demand backup and 100 business email addresses.

Another strength of Hostinger PH is that it has eight data centers across the globe including one in Singapore. This proximity to the Philippines increases the loading times and decreases latency, which in turn enhances the user experience. In fact, Hostinger has been given an A+ rating for the speed, thus, no matter where your audience is located – in Manila or Cebu or anywhere else in the world, the website speed will be great.


Vodien is one of the most recommended web hosting services that any business can get in the Philippines. Vodien has been known for providing dependable solutions and it has various hosting services for different clients including blog hosting, website hosting and others.


This paper will discuss how Vodien has advanced in offering its services in 2024. They have also come up with better Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting with a possibility of up to 25% discount. This high-performance virtual server solution is aimed at speed and flexibility, which means it will be easy to expand as your business expands.

Another feature of Vodien’s service delivery is their customer care which is avails at any time of the day. They offer consultancy services for any service you require so that you can maximize your hosting experience.

Vodien hosting service is also characterized by its security and efficiency as one of the primary services offered by the company. They have an enhanced, safe, and packed email service known as Titan Mail that is at the moment on a 20% discount. This platform can help give your brand a boost with a custom email address.

Also, Vodien provides an all-in-one solution to online marketing through the Online Marketing Hub. These are Traffic Booster, Business Directory, Simple SEO, and Managed SEO all of which are in one place for digital marketing tools.

Another strength of Vodien is the enterprise hosting. It provides ultra-speed, better resources, and superior security with FREE SSL & Site Protection. This service is intended to make your business grow to the maximum level online.


TMDHosting is one of the best web hosting companies for the Philippines in 2024. This company is very flexible since it has many hosting plans that can accommodate any business.


TMDHosting offers fairly affordable plans, with the basic one costing $2.99 per month if billed on an annual basis. However, it is important to note that TMDHosting does not have monthly based packages, which means that the customer has to sign up for at least one year.

Another aspect that can be mentioned as a strong point of TMDHosting is its return policy which is quite favorable. Most of the competitors offer only a 30-day money-back guarantee, and TMDHosting offers 60 days. This policy is twice the industry average, which means you will have enough time to try their services.

As for performance, TMDHosting guarantees 99. 99% uptime guarantee. HostAdvice has reviewed TMDHosting and found that the server response time was 140 on average. 44 ms, which is very good by the industry standards.

This web host also provides unlimited SSD storage and a free domain with every package. Business and Enterprise plans allow an unlimited number of websites, while the Start plan allows only one. Each plan also comes with unlimited emails and a Weebly site builder.


GreenGeeks is one of the best web hosting services in the Philippines in 2024. Being an environmentally friendly hosting company, GreenGeeks uses wind energy credits that are three times the amount of energy they use, plus they plant a tree for every hosting account opened. This makes it suitable for those who are conscious of the environment and the need to protect it.


GreenGeeks provides different types of hosting; shared hosting is suitable for small websites and blogs and VPS hosting for large websites and blogs. They have three fully managed, 300% green VPS hosting plans. These are; a 2GB RAM plan for $39.95 monthly, with 50 GB SSD disk space and 4 vCPU, a 4GB RAM plan at $59.95 that offers 75 GB of SSD space and an 8 GB RAM plan that costs $109. 95 monthly with 6 vCPU and 150 GB SSD.

In the aspect of performance, GreenGeeks is outstanding in offering fast and stable service. Their focus on fast and dependable services together with their environmental consciousness makes them one of the most effective web hosting services in the Philippines in 2024.


Kinsta is a premium managed WordPress hosting service provider that has taken its position as one of the best WordPress hosting companies in 2024. It is appreciated for its concentration on utilizing Google Cloud’s environment; it provides a hosting service that is not only fast and safe but also elastic.


Kinsta is considered to be one of the best web hosting services in the Philippines in 2024, taking the 6th place. It provides a lot of plans for different kinds of websites and the prices vary from $35 to $1,650 per month. The plans are Starter, Pro, and Business 1, which are the first three important consumer choices.

Another aspect that makes Kinsta stand out is that it currently has eight data centers, and one of them is in Singapore. This proximity to the Philippines greatly enhances the loading time and minimizes the latency. This makes for a good user experience, getting your site live and running quicker than a jeepney in a rush hour traffic.

Kinsta also provides a variety of services starting with the shared hosting which is suitable for small websites and blogs up to VPS hosting for large websites and high traffic. It also includes an integrated Application Performance Monitoring tool which assists in diagnosing PHP performance issues, slow running MySQL queries, and external HTTP requests.

Regarding security, Kinsta is SOC 2 compliant and aims to safeguard your WordPress sites with business-level security. It provides a WAF service with DDoS protection, free malware cleanup, and secure remote connection through SSH or SFTP.


SiteGround is among the oldest web hosting companies for the Philippines. It is popular for its good uptime, customer service, and fast speed in the Philippines, with 99.9% uptime.


SiteGround offers shared hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated hosting services to its clients. They come with a limited disk space for storage and include several options for security, simple site transfer, and a convenient administration panel.

Apart from the common web hosting services, SiteGround offers cloud hosting, WordPress hosting, reseller hosting, and WooCommerce hosting. The hosting plans are backed up with a 30-day money back guarantee, SSL, email, CDN, and backup.

Singapore-based servers of SiteGround ensure that the website loads quickly for the visitors in the Philippines. They have hosting plans with bonuses such as free website transfer, backup, and CDN that can assist in enhancing the site’s speed.

SiteGround is the best web host with a great customer support service. Their page load time is good; they support easy integration with Git and offer daily free backups and numerous collaboration features.


When it comes to the best web hosting companies for the Philippines for 2024, HostPapa deserves a closer look. Although it is not as popular as some of the giants in the market such as Bluehost and GoDaddy, this web hosting service has been establishing its international presence and is quickly growing in popularity.


HostPapa provides shared hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, and reseller hosting services to its clients. Their shared hosting begins at a promotional price of $2. 95 per month with the renewal price of $4. $95 per month for the annual term.

HostPapa operates eight data centers worldwide, including one in Singapore. This proximity to the Philippines lessens the latency and increases the loading time for sites hosted within the country. Indeed, HostPapa has received an A+ rating for speed, which means that your website visitors from Manila, Cebu or any other part of the world will enjoy a fast access to your site.


Truehost is one of the prominent web hosting companies worldwide, not just for the Philippines. Truehost is a web hosting company that provides a simple and easy to use dashboard which is perfect for beginners and it integrates well with WordPress hosting.


By 2024, Truehost remains relevant in the market with its focus on the provision of unique cloud hosting services that meet your needs to the letter. Be you a new business or a growing business, Truehost’s web hosting packages, domains, and servers come with plenty of features to help your business grow.

Another important aspect of Truehost is the website speed that is considered to be rather fast. Truehost, with the fastest web hosting in the Philippines, with Litespeed servers, makes your page loading speed easier. This is important because having a site that loads fast will enhance your conversion rate.

Truehost also has a 30-day money back guarantee and a 99% uptime guarantee. 99% uptime commitment that means your website is always online, and you will not lose any business.

In terms of the price policy, Truehost provides its clients with a number of plans for different prices. For example, their Cpanel Webhosting Silver package comes with ₱90 per month and it includes 30 GB Disk Space, unlimited bandwidth transfer, unlimited email accounts and many others. They also have a Bronze package for ₱30 per month for those who require fewer resources on their websites.

GoDaddy PH

In the case of web hosting in Philippines, GoDaddy PH is one of the most recommended and widely used hosting providers. GoDaddy was established in 1997 in the United States and has spread its services to other countries, including the Philippines.

GoDaddy PH

GoDaddy has many hosting services it provides such as domain registration, shared hosting, and VPS hosting. They provide a 99.9% uptime guarantee and the best 24/7 technical support in the industry. Their shared hosting plans are for personal websites to small businesses with features like fast SSD storage, free SSL certificate, daily backup, and 1-click WordPress installation.

The Philippines market is one of the key markets for GoDaddy. They enable the Filipinos to sign up. The PH domains (the Philippines country code top-level domain) can be purchased directly from the company’s website and administrative panel. This is especially useful to local businesses that want to create a website with a .ph domain.

GoDaddy has impressive performance in the Philippines, with one of the eight global data centers being located in Singapore. This is especially important because it is closer to the Philippines which decreases latency and increases loading times for users. With regard to the price, GoDaddy provides high-quality services at reasonable prices, which will be interesting for the rational yet hardworking Filipino user of the Internet.


It can be said that the Philippines web hosting market is a competitive and constantly evolving one. The list of the top 10 providers for 2024 we provided are suitable and adapted to the ever-evolving market trends in the digital world. They have demonstrated their dependability and output by being up and running most of the time, having strong security features, and good customer support.