How to Keep Your Email Out of the Spam Folder

How to Keep Your Email Out of the Spam Folder?

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Before, you may have had problems using email on Cpanel shared hosting to send emails, and the recipients may have received your emails in the spam folder. Now we will teach you how to avoid this problem, and your email recipients will have to feel confident that receiving your email is safe.

how to keep your email out of the spam folder


+ You need to register an account with SendGrid with the plan you need. 

+ Shared hosting and domain name with any package if you don’t have please go to buy one on 1Byte


Step 1. Set up Domain Authentication

Sign in to SendGrid. We already have registered the account at this point. Please register your account first if you haven’t yet.

how to keep your email out of the spam folder

+ Go to settings and click Sender Authentication then click “Get Started”

+ On the question 1 DNS host please select “Other Host (Not Listed)” and on Which “DNS Host” put 1Byte’s nameserver  or

+ On the second question choose “No” and then click Next

+ Input your domain name and click “Next”

+ So in this step, SendGrid will need you to add all of the records to’s DNS section. So hold on to this step and go to step 2 to add the record before you click Verify

Step 2. Switch Nameserver to 1Byte’s Nameserver

+ Login to 1byte account and go to domain then click “Manage”

+ Change to “1Byte DNS” and Click “Save”

Step 3. Add CNAME Record for Cpanel

+ Go to Shared Hosting and click Manage

+ Go to Zone Editor

+ Click on the “Manage button” on the domain that you are already setting up on step 1 

+ Click Add Record and Copy Host and value record from step 1 and set the type of record to CNAME then click the “Save” button

+ After adding 3 records, your record will look like the image below

Step 4. Go back to verify the domain name on SendGride

+ After you have done adding your DNS record please go back to step 1 then  tick on “I’ve added these records” and click “Verify”

+ So if you get the message “It worked” it means you are successfully verified and can create an email to send

+ So let’s go to create an email and send a test

Step 5. Create an email to send a test

+ Go to Cpanel again go to the Email section  click “Email Account”

+ Click on the “Create button”

+ Choose your domain name and input your email username and password  then click the “Create” button

Step 6. Send Test Email

+ After you create an email now go to send email test by clicking on the “Check Email” button

+ Open RoundCube webmail to send test email

+ You can try to send your email to other email domains like Gmail

Step 7. Checking the result

+ Go to the email that you send to

+ congratulation your email not going to spam folder anymore 


+ You may send an email with confidence knowing that the receiver will see it in their inbox folder. 


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