+ You have to login into your account

+ Your wallet must have at least 11 dollar to create a Brandname (10$) and 1$ for sending bulk message


1) Navigate to SMS Brandname by access this link or by manual as follow
2) Choose “Brandnames” at the top menu
3) Create a new Brandname
(You have to spend 10$ to create for every 1 new brandname. 1Byte is not limited to how many BrandNames you would create )
(Customize the Brandname to your liking)
+ Bussiness certificate registration: is required and sufficient for someone or an organization to be able to legally run a business in a certain line of work. A business license is a certificate from a state agency that says the business is legitimate. It helps state management agencies manage social order and business conditions more quickly. 
+ All you have to do is scan the Business certificate registration (color or no color is not required, but we do recommend the color scan). The scan file must then be compressed into a Zip or RAR file before being uploaded.
 (Instructions on how to compress files into ZIP files)
(Click “Confirm” to create your Brandname)
4) Proceed to pay for this Brandname

(you just need to follow the instructions)
+ The system will check and validate your Brandname if it is legitimate or not once payment has been completed.
One to two hours is typical for this procedure.
+ If 1Byte is able to register your Brandname, you can check sidebar menu in your account at SMS Service section


Voila! You’ve built a successful brand