Web-based aaPanel Management’s “FTP” sidebar menu will be the topic of this post.

1) Add FTP Account

We recommend following the procedures below to resolve any issues you may be having connecting to your FTP server:
+ Pay attention to intranet IP and extranet IP.
+ Determine whether or not the ftp service is running (you can see it on the front page of the panel).
+ FTP and passive ports 39000-40000 should be available on firewall 20. (aaPanel has been released by default).
It’s important to check the security group whether it’s a server like Google Cloud or Amazon Cloud.
+ Whether the active / passive mode can not be connected?
+ To test connectivity, create a new user.
+ Change the ftp client to use flashfxp to close the feat command in the settings and try to connect.
+ If possible, release ports 20 and 21 and the range of 39000-40000.


2) Change FTP Port

The filled port must be checked before altering the default FTP port.
FTP will not function correctly if it is already in use.


3) Change FPT Password

To change your password, scroll down to the term “CNG/PWD” (an abbreviation for Change Password) and click.


4) Swtich FPT State

You can deactivate the FTP function if you don’t want to utilize it.