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Welcome to 1Byte’s blog, in this tutorial, 1Byte will guide you to register a domain name on 1Byte platform

If you don’t know the definition of domain, read our post on what is a domain to understand better.


+ Your need to register 1Byte’s account first

Register domain name on 1Byte

Step-by-Step to Register a Domain Name on 1Byte

1) Go to 1Byte website

You can access directly to the homepage or navigate to domain page

2) Choose a name (domain-name) for your website

how to register domain name on 1byte

NOTE: When finding your domain name

+ Do not put “www” (world wide web) in the search box. Just type any name that you wish

+ You can type the extension of your domain name (TLD – Top Level Domain) or skip it, the system will automatically suggest the extension for you

3) Add the domain to your cart

how to register domain name on 1byte

+ Your domain name will be automatically added into your cart

+ To see your cart. You can click on “View Items” at the bottom-right corner or click the “cart-icon” at the top-right corner of the page

4) Checkout your order

how to register domain name on 1byte

+ You can extend the usage year for this domain at this step

5) Check your Inquiry again

how to register domain name on 1byte

6) Choose a payment method

+ 1Byte provides many payment methods for customers such as shown on the image above

how to register domain name on 1byte
+ If you choose “Wire banking transfer“, You will have to wait longer than other payment methods because 1Byte team needs to check your money come into 1Byte’s account or not
+ The remaining payment methods will be processed automatically by the system. It’s very quick

7) Make payment

how to register domain name on 1byte

+ You can click “View Detail” to check your invoice. or access to your “Dashboard” by doing as follow:

how to register domain name on 1byte

+ Go to Domain Because you just made a payment for a domain name, so you can check the status of the domain name by navigating to “Domain” at menu right-bar

how to register domain name on 1byte

(2) Status Active → Your domain has been successfully registered and waiting to be used

(3) Manage → Is a place for you to configure domains, manage domains, …etc



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