DMCA Ignored Countries List in 2023

Many countries have laws and policies that forbid the distribution of copyrighted content in order to protect intellectual property. This can make it difficult to host a website that offers copyrighted content and content creators always need to be cautious of copyright infringement. However, there are a few countries that have chosen to ignore these laws and allow websites to operate freely.

These countries are often referred to as DMCA-ignored countries. While they may not be the most convenient option for everyone, hosting a website in a country that ignores DMCA complaints is one of the most popular ways to circumvent these laws so that content creators can host their work without fear of legal repercussions. Below, we have listed some of the more tolerant countries as well as their respective policies.

DMCA Overview

DMCA is an acronym that stands for the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. This act was established in the United States in 1998 and was put into place in order to protect copyright owners against copyright infringement that might take place in the digital world. The DMCA only applies to those who are within the United States and it uses takedown notices as a way to try and stop websites from illegally uploading copyrighted content. If a website does not adhere to these notices, then DMCA has the ability to suspend or block the copyrighted content and also impose penalties or file lawsuits against those who have committed such offenses.

Does DMCA apply Outside the US?

The law is designed to protect the rights of copyright holders and is only applicable in the United States. However, DMCA does issue takedown notices against websites with copyrighted content even if the website is hosted on servers located in another country. Some countries do not have to comply with DMCA since they are outside the US jurisdiction and each country creates its version to enforce copyright laws. In other words, while DMCA may be able to take down a website that is hosted in another country, it cannot compel the host country to take any further action against the site or its owner.

DMCA Ignored Countries List

1. Malaysia

If you are searching for a web hosting service provider that is outside DMCA law, you may consider Malaysia. In Malaysia, there is a strong legal framework that safeguards the personal data of its citizens. Host providers in Malaysia offer nearly full anonymity and accept different types of payment, including payment in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.
These attractive incentives make it unlikely that Malaysian citizens will be indicted for ignoring DMCA takedown notices. That’s why Malaysia is one of the few countries that are not bothered by the DMCA takedown notices.
Malaysia offers a high level of both privacy and DMCA-friendly content. The country’s copyright laws are among the most lenient in the world. This is due to a desire to protect internet privacy and access to content, including DMCA-restricted content.

2. Singapore

If want to protect your website against takedown notices, you should use DMCA ignored countries VPN, and a Singapore-based VPN is the best way to go. The government’s policies toward DMCA-protected content make it easier to host copyrighted material. This gives online businesses the freedom to choose their content providers, making it a good place for companies with lots of copyrighted material.

DMCA Ignored Countries in 2022 - 1Byte Review

3. Hong Kong

The intense political situation in Hong Kong causes many content restrictions related to political issues. These laws aim to limit further escalate the situation. However, host providers are still able to publish any other content if they make sure to stay away from political materials. This makes Hong Kong one of the top ignored countries for DMCA takedown notices.
Despite the fact that copyright laws are lenient towards host providers, there is still a risk of mainland China introducing stricter laws that could impact Hong Kong. This is because a significant amount of copyrighted and illegal content is readily available on the market, including online. So, to avoid a significant impact on the distribution of your work, it’s best to keep an eye on mainland China and any new laws it might pass.

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4. The Netherlands

Although your hosting provider is outside the US, you have to comply with DMCA laws. Fortunately, there is a possibility to avoid DMCA if you host your website in some DMCA-ignored countries that are less likely to shut down your website after receiving DCMA notices.
The Netherlands is a great place to host your content. Why? First, the Netherlands protects the rights of content creators through copyright laws. The country also has its own local laws strictly to protect freedom of speech and privacy, ensuring that your content will not be censored or subject to surveillance. Additionally, the country allows hosting service providers to choose the content they accept, and it also is refreshingly lenient to political websites. These make the Netherlands an ideal location for those who want to ensure their content is published and can be accessed by anyone.
Basically, websites based in the Netherlands are safe from takedown notices. Still, it’s important to be careful about which host provider you choose as there is a difference between the host provider’s operating policies. For example, some host providers are more likely to comply with a DMCA notice than to deal with any legal issues.

5. Russia

Russia has become a go-to destination for many website owners looking for copyright-infringing material. This is because Russia almost completely disregards American copyright laws. Many pirate hosting providers are banned in Russia, but these providers focus on Russian intellectual property.
Even though Russia does not adhere to the DCMA, this does not mean that any and all content is permissible. There are still restrictions on content hosted in the country, specifically political material. If you host any content related to political issues, the government does not tolerate radical views and it will shut down websites that express this content automatically. Therefore, as long as you keep your content free of such topics, you can host any website in this country.

6. Cambodia

If you are looking for an even safer option, consider hosting your website in Cambodia. Like Russia, Cambodia has a very lenient stance when it comes to copyrighted materials – and virtually ignores DMCA takedown notices. As long as you are not publishing any political content, the government won’t interfere with your website or have it taken down.

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DMCA Ignored Countries in 2022 - 1Byte Review


Those who are going to host a website or already own a website, they should be cautious of DMCA laws because it makes it illegal to distribute copyrighted material without permission from the copyright holder. This provision applies regardless of whether you are based in the United States or not. If you are caught violating the DMCA, you may be subject to fines and other penalties. Additionally, your site may be suspended or shut down. As a result, it is important to choose a hosting provider that is located in a country that does not recognize the DMCA.

We’ve compiled a list of countries that do not comply with the DMCA. However, these countries only provide the foundation for DMCA-ignored hosting, you need to find a top-rated hosting company in each of these countries to protect your website and stand its ground against the DMCA. The hosting company in the country is fast, reliable, and has all of the features you need.