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When starting a website, you might have come across the term DMCA when searching for suitable hosts. DMCA ignored hosting is a solution for your website to be safe from arbitrary takedowns. If you’re looking for a hosting service that will allow you to ignore DMCA takedown requests, check out seven of the best DMCA ignored hosting services available in this blog post.

What To Look For in the Best DMCA Ignored Hosting Services

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act, or DMCA, is a set of laws that protects copyrighted material. While hosting providers will comply with DMCA requests from copyright holders, a DMCA ignored hosting provider will not monitor or remove suspected infringing content and will ignore any DMCA notice against the unlawful use of copyrighted material. And here are a few features you should look for in the best DMCA ignored hosting service.

  1. A clear policy – When you are looking for a hosting service that ignores DMCA, be sure to check for a clear DMCA policy. A clear policy gives you peace of mind knowing that your content is safe and secure. This ensures that you can avoid any legal issues that could arise from using an infringing host so you can continue to use the service without worry.
  2. The location of the servers – The location of the servers is another key feature of the best DMCA ignored hosting service. The main reason to consider offshore server locations is that it provides increased privacy and security and greater freedom from censorship. 
  3. Resources and performance – A good DMCA ignored hosting service will provide you with the resources you need to ensure your website is up and running smoothly. For performance, you’ll want to make sure the hosting service can handle a high volume of traffic without slowing down and can deliver your content quickly and reliably
  4. Diverse payment methods – Paying with alternative payment methods will help protect yourself from legal action and theft of your data when using a hosting service. To avoid this issue altogether, you should look for services out there that accept Bitcoin or anonymous transfers.
  5. Security- Since DDoS attacks are one of the worst forms of attack, the best hosting services offer protection from them and many other dangers.

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1Byte’s data center is located in Cambodia, which provides customers with seamless connectivity and the lowest latency. They have a wide range of features for Cloud Hosting at affordable prices! If you’re looking to host your website successfully without having any legal problems later on down the road due to its content being used by others without permission – 1 Bytes will be able provide all what you need from start-to finish


BlueAngelHost has the most secure and reliable hosting around! It ignores DMCA notices by 100% and provides anti-DDoS traffic packs. Your data will always stay safe, even if there is a DDoS attack. Plus it also accepts cryptocurrency as well; which means faster transfer speeds than ever before. They provide a ton of bandwidth with all their hosting plans. This means that you can choose from one of the huge amounts of Bandwidth bundles for your business.


AlexHost is known as the most affordable price in the market. The network also offers VPN access to its customers in order for them have anonymity on any online platform they may be visiting while being assured of a secure connection. Customers can choose from multiple plans depending upon their desired bandwidth and space requirements; AlexHOST’s cheapest plan starts at $4/month! With different payment methods, you pay through Bitcoin, Litecoin or Dashcoin. 


ProHoster should be the best DMCA ignored hosting that not only offers the most comprehensive range of features for your website, but also allows you to host content without worry about copyright infringement. With its easy-to-use interface and multiple payment options available including cryptocurrency processing, Prohostter makes it easier than ever before! However, like many other great DMCA free hosting services, there are no illegal activities allowed and if someone does use their site for anything unethical then they will be reported immediately.

Webcare 360

If you need privacy, security, and anonymity, Webcare 360 is the right choice. They offer complete privacy with the anonymity that website owners need, and their policies are designed to ensure reliability as well! Their VPS hosting policy is very much secured against DMCA takedowns. Websites are completely free to publish content and use servers for their needs. Also, Webcare 360 is a strong advocate for privacy and anonymity in their practices. As part of their policy, they state that DMCA law does not apply to their DC locations.


If you’re looking for a trustworthy, offshore hosting provider, look no further than Shinjiru. It has eight global data centers in countries that ignore the DMCA. It’s registered and based in Malaysia, so it’s completely out of reach for DMCA enforcers. Shinjiru has the best security plans. They are completely managed and include anti-hacking protection, anti-DDoS security, and hidden IPs and DNS. Shinjiru also accepts cryptocurrency payments, so you can make easy and efficient payments.


With YouStable, you can rest easy knowing that your site is being protected. Not only does this service provide 100% DMCA-free hosting and anti-DDoS traffic optimization for all of its customers’ websites – it also has plans specifically tailored towards providing total website protection against illegal activity! So whether looking to boost visitor count or just keep things legal on your website, with You Stable got exactly what you need at a price everyone will be able to afford.


If you’re looking for the best DMCA ignored hosting for your website, this guide has answered all of your questions about choosing a hosting service. In Particular, we have provided the details of the top 7 best DMCA ignored hosting providers. These services have been carefully selected from hundreds of options, based on their features and benefits to help you find a service that fits what you need!