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A set of tricky interview Questions for Cloud computing, tell you how to answer for the tricky questions:

Q.31 Name the applications that work with cloud computing that have low margins and usually low risk:

Ans. The Low touch applications have low margins and usually low risk, because of the “high touch” applications that associate with high margins require committed resources and cause additional of a risk.

Q.32 A service that concentrates on hardware follows the abduction as a Service model.

Ans. Infrastructure as a service.

Amazon web service follows a PaaS model.

Q. 33 When you add a software stack, like an operating system and applications to the service, the model shifts to 1 / 4 model.

Ans. Software as a service. This is often because Microsoft’s Windows Azure Platform is best represented as presently using a SaaS model.

Q.34 Name the foremost refined and restrictive service model?

Ans. The most refined and restrictive service model is PaaS. Once the service requires the consumer to use an entire hardware/software/application stack, it is using the foremost refined and restrictive service model.

Q.35 To what is, a pay-as-you-go model matches resources to need on an ongoing basis.

Ans. Utility. This eliminates waste and has the additional advantage of shifting risk from the consumer.

Q.36 You utilize feature permits you to optimize your system and capture all possible transactions.

Ans. Elasticity. You have the ability to modify the resources as required.

Q.37 Name all the kind of virtualization is also characteristic of cloud computing?

Ans. Storage, Application, CPU. To modify these characteristics, resources should be extremely configurable and versatile.

Q.38 Name the computer code which will be used to implement load balancing?

Ans. Apache mod_proxy_balancer. Load balancing is often used to increase utilization and output, lower latency, cut back response time, and avoid system overload.

Q.39 An active is a combination load balancer and application server that’s a server placed between a firewall or router.

Ans. Application Delivery Controller (ADC) is assigned a virtual IP address (VIP) that it maps to a pool of servers supported application-specific criteria.

Q.40 State the list of a need of virtualization platform in implementing cloud?

Ans. The need of virtualization platform in implementing cloud is to manage the service level policies, cloud operating system, and virtualization platforms help to stay the backend level and user level ideas totally different from one another.

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