8.Why is my Domain does not have Domain privacy?

+ Although WithHeldOfPrivacy feature (Domain Privacy) is available for almost all domains, some are unavailable due to registry restrictions.

+ Currently, This includes .ca, .ch, .cn, .co, .in, .co, .uk, .com, .au, .com, .es, .eu, .fr, .gg, .id, .in, .is, .law, .li, .me.uk, .net.au, .nl, nom.es, . nu, .nyc, .org.es, .sg, .to, .uk, .us, . vote, .voto, .and .xn--3ds443g domains

+ Consider the .US domain. The National Telecommunications and information Administration demanded in 2005 that all registrants make their contact information public. This was done to ensure that.us registrants obeyed the rules, such as being a US citizen or resident while registering their domain.