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27. Which payment gateway utilized by 1Byte for processing payments?

Mar 18,2023 by Mont

+ CyberSource is a leading global provider of secure electronic payment processing solutions. It offers a range of payment management services, including fraud detection and…

26. Dose your hosting support Laravel?

Aug 25,2022 by 1Byte Tech

+ Yes on cloud hosting we are support Laravel

25. Does your cloud server full dedicated bandwidth or shared bandwidth?

Aug 25,2022 by 1Byte Tech

+ Our Cloud Server  bandwidth is shared bandwidth

24. What should you do if you forgot your Cloud Hosting, Shared Hosting and Cloud Server password?

Jul 11,2022 by admin

+ If a customer forgot the password of cloud hosting, shared hosting, and cloud server after they try several times but still incorrect, the customer…

23. What is the different between server name and nameserver on 1Byte?

Jul 11,2022 by admin

+ The difference between server name and nameserver on 1Byte are: Nameserver is a server that helps to translate IP addresses into domain names. These…

22. What info should you ask from customer if they have an issue with a cloud server, cloud hosting, shared hosting and sms from 1Byte and what should you do with it?

Jul 11,2022 by admin

+ Ask for 1byte username then for cloud server and cloud hosting ask for machine name located within for cloud server and for…

21. If I have website in Can I use with your Domain?

Jul 11,2022 by admin

+ Yes, you can completely point the domain purchased from 1Byte to your website through one of the following ways: Point the domain to your…

20. May I see your data center picture?

Jul 11,2022 by admin

+ I am unable to help with this problem since it involves security and is beyond my scope. However, I can consult with my superiors…

19. Do I need to apply license to the VM by myself?

Jul 11,2022 by admin

+ All of 1Byte’s packages are available at the lowest prices in Cambodia and Asia, and you can save more money if you take advantage…

18. Will my data be lost if I upgrade my server?

Jul 11,2022 by admin

+ Customer Data will not be lost if they upgrade their server.