Dear my lovely friends,

+ At 1Byte, we always listen to customer’s feedbacks to improve our product quality and services. We are very happy to let you know that you can now try our cloud server and webhosting services for FREE (click here)
+That’s not all, we are launching a SUPER PROMOTIONAL EVENT for the Khmer New Year in April, 2022
+ In this tutorial, I will show you how to get 1 month free for our basic cloud server and web hosting services. But first, let’s see how this voucher works

+ As you can see in the image above, when you press free trial button on the top menu, you will get three different discounts.
+ For example: “Get $11.99 OFF when buy Cloud Server“.
→ All basic Cloud Hosting, Shared Hosting and Cloud Server packages with 1 month payment will be smaller or equal to the maximum discount price. 

→ If your current package price is higher than $11.99. For example: 20$ with 1 month usage then you only need to pay 9$ more.   


In order to protect our services from being abused, you must meet the following two conditions:

1) Your account email address are verified

2) You have topped-up at least 10$ to your account credit once 


We will not deduct the top-up credit in your account unless the package price is higher than the discount you got for free trial. This is to prevent our resources from being abused.

Let's get free 1 month of usage

+ First, you need to create an account and log in into 1Byte
+ On the top of the website, you’ll find a “Free Trial” button.
+ A pop-up will appear as follows:
Case 1: You have already verified and topped-up 10$ minimum 

(If you see this pop-up, your email account has been verified and this account at least $10 has been added to it)


Now you just need to click Get free trial vouchers button



Case 2: You have not verified and topped-up 
(This means that this account has not verified email and has never been top-up)
→ You need to verify email and top-up at 10$ as a deposit
Case 3: Email has not been verified
(This signifies that this account has previously paid more than $10 for 1Byte’s services or has been topped up for at least $10.)
→ You just need to verify email by clicking on “Verify” button
Case 4: Top-up has not been made

(This means that you need to top-up at least $10)
→ You just need to top-up at least $10 into your account


1) You can click on “Verify” button at the above pop-up or Go to User Dashboard

2) Click on “Verify” button in Email section

3) Click on “Send” button to have the system send the OTP code to your email

4) Input your OTP code

5) To complete the email verification procedure, click “Verify

(The numbers in the image above correspond to the steps listed above)


(If you see a black circle with a white check inside. It means that your email is verified successfully)

HOW TO TOp-UP MONEY into your wallet?

1) You can click “Top-up Now” button at the above pop-up or Go to Top-up page

2) Input the amount of money that you want deposit into your wallet

3) Select the payment method

4) Click “Top-up Now” button

5) Finally, make the payment for this top-up

(The numbers in the image above correspond to the steps listed above)


+ Back to the dreaming case, when the two conditions (verified email & already topped up) are satisfied. Now you just need to click on “Get free trial vouchers” button

+ If you see this, it means that the voucher is already activated