All-Night Every-Day Customer Support


1Byte has a round-the-clock customer support system

  • “Live Chat”, the most effective customer care and support tool, has been officially put into operation by 1Byte.
  • To react to the trust of customers who use the Company’s services, 1Byte has officially launched its 24/7 customer care system.
    With this technique, you will receive assistance promptly and efficiently.
  • And what’s more special, our team members are fluent in a variety of languages—from Khmer to English to Vietnamese and even Chinese which allows us to communicate effectively with you to achieve the greatest outcome.

What is 24/7 support system?

  • This is a mechanism that allows you to chat with or email requests to 1Byte’s Sales or Technical team at any moment you have internet access.
  • You will be recommended to utilize the service at 1Byte more efficiently through the system because you can talk to the Sale team about the pricing; talking to the Technical team about the most required and optimal features for the service is just one click away.
  • You can also request specialists to solve problems with the service swiftly and effectively using the 24/7 support system.

The capabilities listed above are only a sample of what the system can do; there are many more to be discovered at 1Byte.

In addition, 1Byte will implement a variety of different technologies and services to meet the demands of its consumers and to keep their faith now and in the future.