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The set of Cloud computing interview questions will help you to brush up your knowledge:

Q.21 Name some open source cloud computing platform databases?

Ans. Examples of open source cloud computing platform database are MongoDB, CouchDB, LucidDB

Q.22 What are the examples of large cloud provider and databases?

Ans.  These are some Cloud providers:

  • Google BigTable
  • Amazon SimpleDB
  • Cloud-based SQL

Q.23 What are the different modes in Software as a Service (SaaS)?

Ans. This is SaaS modes:

  • Simple Multi-tenancy- In this mode, the user is different from the other user and has an independent resource. It is one of the efficient modes.
  • Fine grain multi-tenancy- The resources can be shared by many users, however, the functionality remains the same.

Q.24 Why API’s is used in cloud services?

Ans.  API is used in cloud platform because-

  • It provides ease where the user doesn’t need to write the fully fledged program.
  • It helps to make communication between one or more applications.
  • Creates applications which further link the cloud services with other systems.



Q.25 Before going for cloud computing platform what are the essential things to be taken in concern by users?

Ans. Following are the essential things, which can be taken in concern:

  • Compliance
  • Loss of data
  • Data storage
  • Business continuity
  • Uptime
  • Data integrity in cloud computing

Q.26 What are the different datacenter’s deployments of cloud computing?

Ans. Cloud computing consists of different datacenters and they are mentioned below

  • Containerized datacenters – Containerized data centres are the packages that contain a consistent set of servers, network components, and storage delivered to large warehouse kind of facilities. Here, each deployment is relatively unique.
  • Low-density datacenters – A data centre which is containerized can cause heavy density, which in turn causes much heat and many engineering troubles. Low-density datacentres are the solution to this problem.

Q.27 What is the use of API in cloud services?

Ans. Below mentioned are the uses of Application Programming Interface in cloud platforms

  • It eliminates the workload to write the fully fledged programs.
  • It also provides an easy way to create applications and links the cloud services with other systems.

Q.28 What are the characteristics of cloud architecture that separates it from the traditional one?

Ans. The characteristics that make cloud architecture above traditional architecture is

  • The cloud architecture provides the hardware requirement.
  • The architecture is able to scale the resource on demand.
  • Cloud architecture can easily manage and handle dynamic workloads without failure.

Q.29 What are the distinctive attributes of Cloud Computing?

Ans. Utility form of delivery, elasticity, low barrier to entry. These attributes modification how applications are created, priced and delivered.

Q.30 Does Cloud computing presents new opportunities for users and developers?

Ans. Yes, because it is based on the paradigm of a shared multi-tenant utility.

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