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Hello June 2022

+ June is the first month of summer, bringing exciting opportunities for vacations, breaks from school, and days spent with family. Why not play in the clouds during the sweltering summer heat?+ Here’s your chance to save big on all of your favorite activities on the cloud. Worth checking, Worth buying!!! Sale up to 50% for Domain Name 😱 + When you purchase or renew a domain, you will receive a 50% discount up to a maximum of $10.+ The following TLDs (Top-Level-Domain) are valid for this promotion: fun, host, online, site, press, store, space, pw, tech, website, agency, center, digital, live, studio, business, company, solutions, com, net, xyz, org, biz, co Domain Name Find your place onlineChoose from more than 470+ TLDs SEARCH NOW 20% Discount Off For Cloud Server & WEB HOSTING 😍 + This promotion will apply to customers who:1) Use 1Byte’s services for the first time2) Wish to extend the usage time3) Upgrade to a better package. But the service must be purchased before June/2022 and extended for at least 1 month. Packages Basic Standard Professional Cloud Server 15% Discount 20% Discount 10% Discount Shared Hosting 15% Discount 20% Discount 10% Discount Cloud Hosting 15% Discount 20% Discount 10% Discount GET IT NOW GET IT NOW GET IT NOW Buy Hosting Get FREE Domain, Plus 2 months FREE-Usage 😤 + The following TLDs (Top-Level-Domain) are...

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Notification of 1Byte’s new Logo

+ We at 1Byte would like to inform all of our customers and partners that the company’s logo and brand identity system will be changing. We are much appreciated for your support over the year+ We recognize that it is vital to modernize the company’s logo. It will be an efficient brand recognition tool, making it simple for customers to recognize us.Therefore, from June 1st, 2022, we would like to announce the following change to our logo The new look of 1Byte Logo + Upon the launch of this fresh new look, all contracts, documents, websites, and services under the name of 1Byte will instantly adopt the new logo. The company’s operational functions and other important information remain intact.+ 1Byte will continue to upgrade our system and web tools, giving out updates constantly to further boost user experience, stay tuned for...

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It’s time to use LiteSpeed Web Server

Table of Contents Introduction + This one is for you if you’re looking for the best web server solution for your website. LiteSpeed is one of the fastest web servers on the market. Its unique event-driven architecture allows it to serve thousands of clients at the same time while consuming minimal resources+ Unlike similar web server solutions, like Apache or Nginx, for example, LiteSpeed does not come for free. Having to pay for both the license and Web Hosting can cause you to hesitate and have a headache+ But wait, the great news for 1Byte’s web hosting customers is...

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Enjoy The Royal Ploughing Ceremony Day With US

+ There are many scientific ways for predicting weather and harvests, but Cambodian farmers also have their own methods to predict the future. In the course of customary rites that are often observed across Cambodia, people are forewarned of impending disasters and guaranteed of a bountiful crop, among other things. Predictions gleaned from this ceremony day for the coming year are taken very seriously. + During the Royal Ploughing Ceremony, Cambodians think they may forecast a wide range of occurrences, including as diseases, floods, bountiful harvests, and heavy rains, by monitoring what feed the royal oxen chose.  enjoy with...

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Immerse yourself with 1Byte on Visak Bochea Day!

DID you know? + “Visak Bochea Day” is a public holiday celebrated in Cambodia on the full moon of the sixth month of the Buddhist lunar calendar, which is often in May on the Gregorian calendar. Buddha’s birth, enlightenment, and death (nirvana) are honoured at Visak Bochea. + On this day, many Cambodian Buddhists attend local temples and shrines to celebrate. They will spend the most of the day contemplating Buddha and his teachings as well as a lot of people bring food, candles, and flowers to monasteries to offer to the monks as gifts. Monks recite from Buddhist...

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