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Important Update: Transitioning to New Shared Hosting Plans

Mar 26,2024 by Mont

Dear valued customers, We at 1Byte are committed to providing you with the best possible service. As part of our ongoing efforts to improve and adapt to…


International Women’s Day: The History and Significance Explained

Mar 07,2024 by Mont

At 1Byte, we’re more than just a leading cloud and hosting provider in Cambodia. We’re a community that recognizes and celebrates the achievements of women…


Lunar New Year 2024: Top Traditions and Customs You Should Know

Feb 08,2024 by Mont

Welcome to 1Byte’s guide to the Lunar New Year 2024! As a leading cloud & hosting provider in Cambodia, we’re excited to share with you…


1Byte x ITSTEP Academy: Amplifying Student Engagement!

Jan 08,2024 by Mont

Welcome to the collaboration of the year! 1Byte, Cambodia’s premier cloud and hosting provider, is teaming up with the renowned IT Academy Step Institute Cambodia…


Victory Over Genocide Day 2024: Resilience and Hope in Cambodia

Jan 04,2024 by Mont

As we stand on the cusp of Victory Over Genocide Day 2024, the heart of Cambodia resonates with resilience and hope. This significant day marks…


10 Traditions to Embrace on Christmas & New Year

Dec 19,2023 by Mont

As the festive season of Christmas and the New Year approaches, hearts fill with joy and excitement. Around the world, families and communities come together,…


1Byte’s Black Friday Minigame: Exciting Prizes Await

Nov 15,2023 by Mont

Gear up for an electrifying Black Friday celebration with 1Byte, Cambodia’s premier cloud & hosting provider. Join in the excitement as they present a thrilling…


A Traveler’s Guide to the Water Festival in Cambodia

Nov 06,2023 by Mont

Nestled in the heart of Cambodia, the Water Festival, also known as “Bon Om Touk,” is a captivating celebration that beckons travelers from around the…


Celebrating Cambodia’s Independence Day: A Historic Perspective

Nov 03,2023 by Mont

Cambodia’s Independence Day is a momentous occasion that holds a special place in the hearts of Cambodians. This historic day marks their freedom and sovereignty….


Introducing 1Byte’s Loyalty Program: Climb the Tiers, Claim the Perks

Oct 31,2023 by Mont

In the rapidly evolving world of cloud computing and web hosting, 1Byte stands out as Cambodia’s top service provider, setting a new standard for customer…