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+ At 1Byte, we always listen to customer’s feedbacks to improve our product quality and services. We are very happy to let you know that you can now try our cloud server and webhosting services for FREE

+ That’s not all, we are often launching a Promotional events for every months

+ In this tutorial, I will show you how to get 1 month free for our basic cloud server and web hosting servicesBut first, let’s see how this voucher works



+ As you can see in the image above, when you press Gree Trial button on the top menu, you will get multiple vouchers. Note that, there may be more or less vouchers and a varied discount percentage depending on promotions, events, and holidays

+ Let’s back to the road, Voucher 1: Get $11.99 OFF when buy Cloud Server. It means if your current package price is higher than $11.99. For example: 20$ with 1 month usage then you only need to pay 9$ more.

+ All Basic Cloud Hosting, Shared Hosting and Cloud Server packages with 1 month payment will always be smaller or equal to the maximum discount price.


+ In order to protect our services from being abused, you must meet the following two conditions:

    • Your account email address must be verified
    • You have topped-up at least 10$ to your account credit once 

+ So why does the title say FREE, but there is still a $10 top-up for the service?

→ This is to prevent our resources from being abused indiscriminately. We will not deduct the top-up credit in your account unless the package price is higher than the discount you got for free trial.

+ Assume a nasty person creates ten emails, and he/she uses one of them for one service each month. So that nasty person can use our services continually for ten months without losing a peny.

How to Get Free Usage With All Cloud Services for 30 Days

Step 1: Login into 1Byte's account

Step 2: Click On Free Trial Button

+ On the top of the website, you’ll find a Free Trial button. Click on it

+ In one of the following four scenarios, you are likely to encounter a pop-up voucher.

NoCaseExampleWhat to do?
1You've never verify your email before and have never topped up at least $10You have to verify email and top-up into your account at least $10
2You've been top-up for at least $10 before, but never verified your emailYou have to verify your email
3You've verified email before, but never top-up at least $10You have to top-up at least $10 into your account
4You've previously verified your email address and topped up at least $10You just need to click Get free trial vouchers button

Step 3: Verify email and/or top-up at least $10

Step 4: Activate Voucher

+ When the two conditions (verified email & already topped up) are satisfied. Now you just need to click on Get free trial vouchers button

(1) All 2 conditions are satisfied
(2) Voucher Trial is activated

Step 5: Select Service And Appy The Free Trial Voucher

+ You may want to refer this post – How to use voucher to get the best deal ever!

+ Bravo!!! Now you know how to get Free Trial voucher to get 30 days free of usage for all Cloud Services



+ To get the latest promotions, events. Please check out this link

+ To get the fastest answer, the FAQ Page is the best place to look for

+ Keep up with 1Byte’s YouTube channel to make it simpler to comprehend

+ As always, 1Byte would bring you fresh content and exclusive deals in the future. STAY TUNED!!!