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Virtual shared hosting is another term for shared hosting.

How to Keep Your Email Out of the Spam Folder

Oct 10,2022 by 1Byte Tech

Table of Contents INTRODUCTION Before, you may have had problems using email on Cpanel shared hosting to send emails, and the recipients may have received…

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Install SSL Certificate on Shared Hosting Site

Oct 06,2022 by 1Byte Tech

Table of Contents INTRODUCTION + The following instructions will guide you through the SSL installation process on cPanel. If you have more than one server…

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cPanel: A quick intro to the cPanel

Sep 21,2022 by Mont

The cPanel control panel is probably recognizable to everyone who has ever signed up for a new web hosting account. This would be a fair…

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Cloud Hosting vs Shared Hosting: Choose The Best Plan For Your Website

Jul 26,2022 by Mont

Table of Contents INTRODUCTION We’re used to seeing the phrase ‘cloud(opens in a new tab)’ in front of almost every technology term. While most techies…

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Shared Hosting vs Dedicated Hosting: Which One is Right For You?

Jul 26,2022 by Mont

Table of Contents INTRODUCTION In the event that you’re looking at a web hosting plan, getting the most appropriate hosting package will be helpful. To…

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8 Best Cpanel Alternatives | Free & Paid [2022]

Jul 26,2022 by Mont

cPanel is one of the most powerful hosting control panels. However, its licensing policy makes it too expensive for many resellers. Discover the list of open source(free) and paid alternatives to cPanel.

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Setup Mail Server (RoundCube webmail) on cPanel + SharedHosting

Jul 25,2022 by Mont

Table of Contents INTRODUCTION + RoundCube webmail is a web-based, multilingual IMAP client that has an interface similar to that of a desktop application. It…

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Increase Maximum File Upload Size In WordPress With Shared Hosting + cPanel

Jul 15,2022 by Mont

INTRODUCTION + WordPress is a powerhouse with so many themes and plugins that allow you to build just about any kind of website. From eCommerce…

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How to enable LiteSpeed on Shared Hosting?

May 21,2022 by Mont

Table of Contents How to enable LiteSpeed Enterprise Edition? + All of our Shared Hosting packages come pre-installed with LiteSpeed Enterprise Edition (not the free…

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How easily upload your website via cPanel

Apr 19,2022 by Mont

Your website runs perfectly on localhost (only you can access to your website), but now you want your friends, coworkers, and everybody to be able…

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