SSL Certificate Installation in Plesk 12

SSL Certificate Installation in Plesk 12

To generate the CSR code for certificate activation, please follow the steps outlined in ការណែនាំនេះ. If you already possess an issued ពួកគេផ្តល់វិញ្ញាបនបត្រ SSL, proceed with the installation steps provided below:

8 Steps to Install SSL Certificate in Plesk 12

ជំហានទី 1

Log in to your Plesk Panel.

ជំហានទី 2

ចូលទៅ គេហទំព័រ និងដែន tab and select the domain you want to secure.

ជំហានទី 3

ចុច Secure Your Sites.

ជំហានទី 4

Select the SSL certificate that was created while generating the CSR code. You can define it by the domain name.

ជំហានទី 5

On the next page locate the Upload Certificate Files ផ្នែក។ សូមចុច រកមើល and locate the certificate and the CA bundle files from your computer. The certificate file should have .crt extension, the Bundle one can be .crt or .ca-bundle.

After both files are chosen, click ផ្ញើឯកសារ.

Otherwise, you can copy and paste the certificate along with the CA bundle into the corresponding boxes under បង្ហោះវិញ្ញាបនបត្រ as text and click on ផ្ញើអត្ថបទ.

ចំណាំ: If your Private Key (along with CSR) was not generated on Plesk, click on the Key icon near the ឈ្មោះដែន ឈ្មោះនៅក្នុង វិញ្ញាបនបត្រ SSL section and upload the corresponding Key for it. Once done, you can proceed with uploading certificate files as specified in the previous steps.

ជំហានទី 6

ត្រឡប់ទៅ គេហទំព័រ និងដែន ផ្ទាំងហើយចុចលើ Hosting settings next to the domain in question.

ជំហានទី 7

On the next page locate the សុវិត្ថភាព section, select the certificate from the drop-down list and make sure that ការគាំទ្រ SSL ត្រូវបានគូសធីក។

ជំហានទី 8

ចុច OK at the bottom of the page to save the changes.

The site should be accessible via https:// from now. You can check the installation using this tool: