Download your issued certificate on 1Byte

Download your issued certificate on 1Byte

Initially, all the certificates purchased through 1Byte are sent by a Certificate Authority to the administrative email address provided during activation. In case you have not received a validated Certificate for any reason, you can download the certificate into your account by following the steps below.

How to download your issued certificate on 1Byte

ចូលគណនី to your 1Byte account >> navigate to the Dashboard និងបើក វិញ្ញាបនបត្រ SSL ម៉ឺនុយ. Find the SSL certificate in filter and click ទាញយក on SSL list or SSL detail:

ជំហានទី 1

Download Certificate on SSL list: ចុច ទាញយក up on the right, see the picture below:

ជំហានទី 2

ជាជម្រើសអ្នកអាចធ្វើបាន Download Certificate on SSL detail: Click Manage SSL to open SSL detail and click ទាញយក up on the right, see the picture below:

The ZIP file with your certificate will be downloaded to your computer. Once it is unzipped, you will see three files: *.crt, *.ca-bundle and *.p7b .

*.crt និង *.ca-bundle are the files for Apache, Nginx, cPanel, etc.

*.crt is a file with your server certificate, and the *ca-bundle is a file with the Certificate Authority Chain which should be installed on your server with your ឈ្មោះដែន វិញ្ញាបនបត្រ។

*.ca-bundle is necessary for the browser to check the CA signature of the certificate. If the bundle is missing, incomplete or broken, the browser might mark the website as untrusted or even restrict the connection, depending on a browser version and security settings.

*.p7b file is a certificate and CA Bundle combined into one file. The file is suitable for certificate installation on Microsoft IIS and Tomcat servers.