Note: Before following the instructions in this guide, you need to make sure that the email used on 1Byte is legitimate. Because critical information will be sent via email

Step 1: Following the purchase and payment of a Cloud Hosting plan, you will get an email with login details
(In this demo, 1Byte uses Cloud Hosting Package: Advanced)
3 important information you need to pay attention to are:
  • Login Details: Used to manage WordPress site based on Web-based platform 
  • Terminal Information: Used to login via Terminal on Web-based platform
  • IP Address: In this demo, the domain named has the IP is

Keep this information private at all times. If you share this information with a third party, 1Byte will not be held liable.

Step 2: Configure the domain name by navigating to the Domain area of the Dashboard by clicking the following link – Domain

(Click “Manage” button to configure the domain name)

(Make sure to follow the instructions, remember to change your IP address )

Step 3: Navigate to the Cloud Hosting area of the Dashboard by clicking the following link – Cloud Hosting
(In this demo, 1Byte creates a new WordPress site with Cloud Hosting)
 1) The “Manage” button displays all of general information about your Cloud Hosting
2) The “Cloud Panel” button takes you to the page where you can set up, customize, and construct your website (It is also the Control Panel URL in the Login Details section in Step 1).
3) The “Extend” button allows you to extend the hosting period by a month or a year.
Step 4: Click the “Cloud Panel” button to login the Web-based platform
 (Using credential at Step 1, in Login Details section to login)
(This will be the place to manage all your wordpress sites)
1Byte provides a lot of suggestions to the user by default. You’re free to make any changes you want.
LNMP stands for: Linux system (L) + Nginx (N) + MySQL (M) +PHP (P)
LAMP stands for: Linux system (L) + Apache (A) + MySQL (M) +PHP (P)
You should keep in mind that Server 1Byte only supplies you with a minimal server by default (no auxiliary packages). As a result, this Serveris not yet capable of serving as Web server. Consequently, you must install LAMP or LNMP. In this demo, 1Byte will choose based on suggestion (LNMP with One-Click)
(It will take some time for this installation to be completed. The speed of the installation will be quick or sluggish depending on the Cloud Hosting package that you choose. More CPU and RAM means a quicker installation process.)
Step 5: Navigate to the “Website” sidebar menu on Web-based platform
(The Server has not yet received any domain names. As a result, we must configure the Server to recognize the domain name by clicking “Add Site”.)
(Follow the instructions as shown above. Remember to note your database credentials)
(Once you see this pop-up, it means Cloud Hosting has received the Domain Name)

Remember that at this time, your Cloud Hosting:

+ Has LNMP architecture

+ Has complete functionality of 1 Web Server

+ Has received a Domain Name (In this article is

However, in order to access all of WordPress’s features, you must first install the WordPress platform on your Cloud Hosting.

Step 6: Install WordPress platform on your Cloud Hosting by performing the following steps
  • 6.1 – Go to WordPress homepage and copy download link as below