+ To safeguard your safety and security, when you register an account on 1Byte, 1Byte will send your credentials of Web Hosting and Cloud Server to your email address. Sometimes 1Byte’s email to you will end up in your Spam folder. So I recommend that you should check your Spam and Inbox folder together.

+ If you still don’t see 1Byte’s email in your Inbox or Spam folder, I think your mail service provider may have filtered mails from 1Byte. So my suggest is that you need to go to your mail settings and whitelist 1Byte email: help@1byte.com

+ If after performing the above 2 steps, you still do not receive email from 1Byte. Please change your current email address in your profile to Gmail, then verify Gmail, and reinstall the OS for Cloud Server or Reset Cloud Hosting. The system will re-send the updated credentials to your new email address.

+ If you’ve tried everything above and are still having trouble, please contact 1Byte’s support team for the best support