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Satellite Websites Are Necessary For Successful Business

It is critical for a website’s search engine optimization (SEO) to construct satellite websites that are tightly linked to the primary website. It enhances the efficiency of the company’s SEO efforts and marketing activities. So, what is a satellite website, exactly? What is their function in search engine optimization? Let’s find out with 1Byte’s Blog through the post below What is satellite websites? Satellite websites or Satellite sites are sub-websites that have the same concept and similar content as the primary website and are linked to it. These satellite websites run fully independently of the parent website. Satellite Websites...

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Launch your business with .club

Invite them to join and they'll be all set. + We can’t seem to get enough of membership. Perhaps it’s the inherent human need to belong. Or the pleasure we derive from spending time with those who share our ideas, life experiences, or interests. Whatever motivates us to join, there is now a domain name dedicated to clubs of all types.+ One of the most popular new domains is:– TLD with club is designed specifically for clubs, such as golf and country clubs, as well as soccer and book clubs. Simply add your organization’s or business’s name, and...

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How to register domain name on 1Byte

Welcome to 1Byte’s blog, in this tutorial, 1Byte will guide you to register a domain name on 1Byte platform STEPs 1) Go to 1Byte websiteYou can access directly to the homepage or navigate to domain page 2) Choose a name (domain-name) for your websiteNOTE: When finding your domain name+ Do not put “www” (world wide web) in the search box. Just type any name that you wish+ You can type the extension of your domain name (TLD – Top Level Domain) or skip it, the system will automatically suggest the extension for you 3) Add the domain to your cart(Your domain...

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Everything you should know about DNS

What is nameserver? Nameservers help connect URLs with the IP address of web servers. Nameservers are an important part of the Domain Name System (DNS), which many people call the “phone book of the Internet”. Let’s say you want to visit the OneByte homepage. On the surface, this action is simple: you type “” into your browser’s address bar and you see the OneByte homepage. Easy, right? But behind-the-scenes, the high-level process actually goes something like this: You type “” into the address bar and hit enter Your browser sends a request to that domain’s nameservers The nameservers respond...

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What is DNSSEC

What is DNS Template? Is a predefined format of a DNS zone. Templates can be used to create a specific record configuration and apply it to multiple domains within your account profiles. This saves you the trouble of configuring the same record set across all your domains manually. Any changes made to the template will simultaneously affect all the domains that the template has been applied to.Please note that. If you need a slightly different configuration, you can elect to import the records from the template and alter them on a per record or domain basis without affecting the...

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