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Notification of 1Byte’s new Logo

+ We at 1Byte would like to inform all of our customers and partners that the company’s logo and brand identity system will be changing. We are much appreciated for your support over the year+ We recognize that it is vital to modernize the company’s logo. It will be an efficient brand recognition tool, making it simple for customers to recognize us.Therefore, from June 1st, 2022, we would like to announce the following change to our logo The new look of 1Byte Logo + Upon the launch of this fresh new look, all contracts, documents, websites, and services under the name of 1Byte will instantly adopt the new logo. The company’s operational functions and other important information remain intact.+ 1Byte will continue to upgrade our system and web tools, giving out updates constantly to further boost user experience, stay tuned for...

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How to enable LiteSpeed on Shared Hosting?

Table of Contents How to enable LiteSpeed Enterprise Edition? + All of our Shared Hosting packages come pre-installed with LiteSpeed Enterprise Edition (not the free version), so you won’t have to worry about paying a license fee to enjoy blazing-fast website performance. Furthermore, 1Byte’s hosting rental pricing is extremely competitive in the ASIAN market. Let’s invest smartly Exactly which Web Server am I using? + There are a variety of ways to find out which Web Server your site is using. Let’s learn these ways with 1Byte Method 1: Using terminal console #Using curl command to findout the Web...

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It’s time to use LiteSpeed Web Server

Table of Contents Introduction + This one is for you if you’re looking for the best web server solution for your website. LiteSpeed is one of the fastest web servers on the market. Its unique event-driven architecture allows it to serve thousands of clients at the same time while consuming minimal resources+ Unlike similar web server solutions, like Apache or Nginx, for example, LiteSpeed does not come for free. Having to pay for both the license and Web Hosting can cause you to hesitate and have a headache+ But wait, the great news for 1Byte’s web hosting customers is...

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Part 2: Install WordPress on Cloud Hosting & Cloud Server using OpenLiteSpeed Web Server

Table of Contents Welcome back! + In Part 2, we will focus on how to get a WordPress instance set up and running on CentOS 7 using the OpenLiteSpeed web server+ As mentioned in Part 1 of this series, Cloud Servers can do even more than Cloud Hosting. As a result, you can completely apply the knowledge in this Part 2 to Cloud Server without any difficulty at all, even outperforming Cloud Hosting. PREREQUISITES + Before you begin this guide, there are some important steps that you must complete to prepare your serverThis guide will not cover install OpenLiteSpeed or MySQL. Please check out Part 1 for more detailsA Centos OS7 x 64 server (Cloud Hosting or Cloud Server) instane+ If you have not had a Cloud Hosting or Cloud Server or Domain Name. BUY RIGHT NOW so that you can start leaning and practicing with 1Byte ORDER NOW ORDER NOW SEARCH NOW + When you are finished preparing your server using the guides linked to above, you can proceed with this tutorial Let's GET YOUR HANDS WET Step 1: Login into your Cloud Server/ Cloud Hosting + In Part 1, I explain how to log in in great detail. If you don’t know how, please read it. Step 2: Login into WebAdmin Console and Configure OpenLiteSpeed + Log into OpenLiteSpeed’s administrative interface (WebConsole Admin) https://:7080 + If prompted,...

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Part 1: Install WordPress on Cloud Hosting & Cloud Server using OpenLiteSpeed Web Server

Table of Contents INTRODUCTION + OpenLiteSpeed, the open source edition of LiteSpeed, is a high performance yet light-weight web server application.+ In Part 1, I will guide you through the process of installing and configuring an OpenLiteSpeed instance on your server. We will also install and configure MariaDB to facilitate interaction with many common web applications and services. WordPress will not be installed at this time. Part 2 will cover the installation of WordPress. + One more thing you should know that, What Cloud Hosting does, Cloud Server can do better. As a result, you can use everything you’ve...

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