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Hello June 2022

+ June is the first month of summer, bringing exciting opportunities for vacations, breaks from school, and days spent with family. Why not play in the clouds during the sweltering summer heat?+ Here’s your chance to save big on all of your favorite activities on the cloud. Worth checking, Worth buying!!! Sale up to 50% for Domain Name 😱 + When you purchase or renew a domain, you will receive a 50% discount up to a maximum of $10.+ The following TLDs (Top-Level-Domain) are valid for this promotion: fun, host, online, site, press, store, space, pw, tech, website, agency, center, digital, live, studio, business, company, solutions, com, net, xyz, org, biz, co Domain Name Find your place onlineChoose from more than 470+ TLDs SEARCH NOW 20% Discount Off For Cloud Server & WEB HOSTING 😍 + This promotion will apply to customers who:1) Use 1Byte’s services for the first time2) Wish to extend the usage time3) Upgrade to a better package. But the service must be purchased before June/2022 and extended for at least 1 month. Packages Basic Standard Professional Cloud Server 15% Discount 20% Discount 10% Discount Shared Hosting 15% Discount 20% Discount 10% Discount Cloud Hosting 15% Discount 20% Discount 10% Discount GET IT NOW GET IT NOW GET IT NOW Buy Hosting Get FREE Domain, Plus 2 months FREE-Usage 😤 + The following TLDs (Top-Level-Domain) are...

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4 Steps To Online Success

Step 1: Bring your website to life, and help it thrive SEARCH NOW First and foremost you need to pick a domain name that represent your business. It is best to pick a domain name that is easy to remember and have the same name as your brand.A .com domain is the most popular. However, if it is already taken there are still over 470 TLDs (top-level domains) available for you to choose from Step 2: Find the right hosting to power your website SHARED HOSTING CLOUD HOSTING From speed to simplicity and affordability we got it all covered....

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1Byte, a MUST-TRY cloud provider in Cambodia

A cloud provider you can trust + 1Byte is one of the top cloud computing in Cambodia. This guarantee represents the highest quality you can expect from 1Byte and underlines our commitment to providing excellence in our cloud division. In the eyes of 1Byte, you are more valuable than anything. Without you, there would be no 1Byte+ Our goal isn’t to win awards. Our goal is to offer the best web host and cloud server solutions that are both blazing fast and at most affordable price 4 reasons To provide the greatest experience, our Data Centers are outfitted with...

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Launch your business with .club

Invite them to join and they'll be all set. + We can’t seem to get enough of membership. Perhaps it’s the inherent human need to belong. Or the pleasure we derive from spending time with those who share our ideas, life experiences, or interests. Whatever motivates us to join, there is now a domain name dedicated to clubs of all types.+ One of the most popular new domains is:– TLD with club is designed specifically for clubs, such as golf and country clubs, as well as soccer and book clubs. Simply add your organization’s or business’s name, and...

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Part 3: Build an ecommerce site using PrestaShop framework

Dear my friend,+ Who doesn’t want their website to have SSL Certificates, right? Therefore, in this tutorial, 1Byte will guide you to install the free SSL Certificate on your site Here is your road map:Step 1: Install PrestaShop framework, necessary packages, and set up customizations on the BackEnd side to the Server. You’ve done this in Part 1Step 2: Based on the components in step 1, install PrestaShop site through your browser. You’ve done this in Part 2Step 3: Install SSL Certificate on your website. You are here, Part 3!!!Step 4: Customize the interface and manage PrestaShop to your liking...

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